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Rugby Laws on Allowed Clothing


Mouth Guard

A mouth guard protects players teeth from damage. However, most dentists agree that your mouth guard protects you from much more than just a knocked out tooth. A good mouth guard will also help to protect your jaw and other areas of your face, as it can minimize the impact of collisions. 


Boots (Cleats)

In rugby, cleats are alternatively referred to as boots. While there are many types of boots, most players choose Soft Ground cleats due to our location in the Northeast. It is very common now to see players at all levels wearing both rugby and soccer boots. The demands of some positions, particularly in the backs, do not require a rugby specific boot.  However, certain positions benefit massively from a rugby specific boot.  The tight five in particular require 8 studs for soft grounds and the ability to handle tremendous amounts of pushing in scrums, rucks and mauls.

Guide to Picking Boots



Rugby shorts are designed to be efficient on the field. Excessively baggy shorts can make it difficult for teammates to bind, provide hand holds for the opposition to tackle or hold you up, and diminish the height of your jump if you get lifted in lineouts or kickoffs. If the shorts are too tight then it can hinder your running and ability to get into proper rucking, tackling and scrummaging positions.

Fairfield Yankees Team Shorts



Rugby socks can help prevent from blisters and keeping feet dry during play. The foot part of the rugby sock is generally thick but breathable so as to fit snugly into the rugby boot and provide comfort during training and matches. They have padded heel-and-toe constructions with comfortable and absorbent cushioned soles.

The Yankees wear knee-high socks in black with their official uniform.



Every rugby player should have a ball to practice and train with. Getting used to holding the ball in hand will make you more comfortable when it comes to games and practice. Be sure to buy a Training Ball and not a Match Ball to train with!

Team Shop Rugby Ball


Sweat-Wicking Clothing

Whether at practice or in a game, sweat-wicking clothing is always suggested. Athletic wear shirts as well. Remember, only wear shirts you’re comfortable tearing to practice!



Scrum Cap

Used by Locks and 8 Men almost exclusively. This is used to protect the ears from resulting in cauliflower ear and ARE NOT helmets!


Protective Top

While not required, many players choose to wear these to protect their body, generally focusing on the shoulders and sternum. Please note that women may also wear chest pads for protection and that NO PLAYER may wear shorts with padding.