About CIPPing

What is CIPP?

CIPP stands for Club Individual Participation Program. It has multiple functions, including Liability Insurance for the Team, Accident Insurance for the Player, and Registering you as a member of USA Rugby!

What does the Liability Insurance do?

The Liability Insurance that USA Rugby gives to every club provides liability protection in case of property damage or bodily injury to third parties. Most venue owners will require this type of insurance before a club is allowed to step on the field of play. USA Rugby provides each club with a certificate of insurance to show to field owners, schools, or sponsors who request proof of coverage.
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What does the Accident Insurance do?

The Accident Insurance from USA Rugby covers players who sustain an injury during a sanctioned rugby activity, such as practice or matches. The Accident Insurance works as a secondary insurance, but if you don’t have primary insurance will still help with payments.
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How much does it cost?

At the current time, it costs $95 to CIPP. This covers you for the Fall Season as well as The Spring and Summer season of the following year and allows you to be a member of the Fairfield Yankees. Sadly, it does not roll over to the next Fall if you start in the Spring or Summer.
If you have financial difficulties with paying, CONTACT US.

Can I play without CIPPing?

To be a registered member of USA Rugby and the Fairfield Yankees, you MUST CIPP.


 How to CIPP

Step 1: Visit https://webpoint.usarugby.org/


Step 2: Click on “Join USA Rugby”


Step 3: Fill out your information as a member and press “Submit”


Step 4: Under the “Player Member” Section, pick one of the teams below, then at the bottom of the page press “Sign Up”

-For Men: Click on “Fairfield Rugby Club – Yankees”

-For Women: Click on “Fairfield Yankees Women’s Rugby Club”


Step 5: Read and Agree to the Liability Release, Rules Acknowledgement, and Insurance Coverage and be sure to put your primary insurance information in if you have it, then press “Continue”

(Note: any questions about these forms, check above in the “What is CIPP?” section)


Step 6: Scroll to the bottom of the page and put in your Credit Card information, then press “Join”


Congrats! You’ve registered with USA Rugby! Welcome to the Fairfield Yankees!