The Club President and Captains are pivotal leaders of the Fairfield Yankees Rugby Football Club, along with the Executive Board and Chairs. These player’s commitment and dedication to both the Club and the community have propelled the Club’s mission forward since its inception in 1975.

Executive Board

Jake Pesci - President

Karl Rempe - Men's Vice President

Yeny Olivas - Women's Vice President

John Rosito - Men's Treasurer

Victoria Kan-Long - Women's Treasurer

Rich Gasper - Men's Match Secretary

Lauren McGrath - Women's Match Secretary

Team Captains

Myles McQuone - Men's DII Captain

AJ O'Mahoney - Men's DIII Forward's Captain

John Rosito - Men's DIII Back's Captain

Yeny Olivas - Women's DIII Captain


Alex Katsaitis - Fundraising

Austin Ryan - Men's Recruitment

Phoebe French - Women's Recruitment

Michael Pappa - Legends

Ben Philpott - Social

Carl Rohde - Technology